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FreeBSD Labeled Filesystems

Filesystem labels free you from dynamic device names.    HTML / PDF

Moving A FreeBSD System To AHCI

Use the new and improved AHCI drivers.    HTML / PDF

lpd Printing With FreeBSD

Printing. On FreeBSD. With lpd. It’s all in the title, really.    HTML / PDF

PXE Booting Utilities With FreeBSD

Netbooting utility floppy, CD, and memory stick images.    HTML / PDF

Buying A Used Laser Printer

How to get a good deal on a used laser printer.    HTML / PDF

The Interrupted Unix FAQ

All the important Unix questions, answered before you’ve even finished asking.    HTML / PDF

AllowEmptyInput, FreeBSD, and Xorg Input

Put down the AllowEmptyInput and back away slowly.    HTML / PDF

Using script(1)

The line dividing boring usage of script(1) and a terrifying encounter with the unknown is very, very fine.    HTML / PDF

Upgrading FreeBSD Ports

Another one of those articles with a too-obvious title. Maybe it would be better called "Snarfy The Wonder Dog Can Fly" or "The Morlock Rebellion" or "Stan And His Insidious Plan".    HTML / PDF

Disk Setup On FreeBSD

Using programs to, er, do stuff to disks.    HTML / PDF

Backup Options For FreeBSD

Different backup methods for different purposes.    HTML / PDF

Quick Wireless Setup On FreeBSD

Rápida de configuración inalámbrica en FreeBSD.    HTML / PDF

Using X For A High Resolution Console On FreeBSD

Some people still use text consoles, and want a higher resolution for them. Here’s a more versatile way to do that than VESA BIOS video modes provide. HTML / PDF

Simplifying FreeBSD Kernel Config Files

Making custom kernel config files is easier than in the past. HTML / PDF

Upgrading FreeBSD To -STABLE

Building FreeBSD World And Kernel: The Short Form

Switching From procmail To maildrop

gmirror With Disk Partitions

Using a Solid State Drive with FreeBSD

What is pkg on FreeBSD?

Is it a small, oviparous animal? A woven textile? A hardened tungsten tool? Maybe it is all these things! Or not, whatever. HTML / PDF

Thinking About Installers: Discord and Happiness

Installers need to be done right. HTML / PDF

Update: Automating Ports Tree Updates

Updating the ports tree and checking installed ports for new versions is not too difficult on one or two machines. It becomes worthy of automation on multiple machines or with jails. HTML / PDF

Suggestions For Speakers

That’s suggestions for people who are speaking at conferences or presentations, not suggestions for great audio speakers. Well, it is about audio, but… okay, look, it’s just some tips on how to give better presentations, all right? HTML / PDF

Book Review: FreeBSD Device Drivers: A Guide for the Intrepid by Joseph Kong

My review of Joseph Kong’s FreeBSD drivers book. HTML / PDF

Book Review Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Edition by Michael Lucas

My review of Michael Lucas' OpenBSD book. HTML / PDF

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