Spearfish Canyon
Between Cheyenne Crossing and Spearfish, South Dakota

This first photo may not seem very clear, but if you look closely, you'll see that the hill in the background is obscured by a morning fog. In both the photo and reality, the road continues upward while appearing to go downward. The ride is a 20-mile climb from outside Spearfish to Cheyenne Crossing. Of course, it's then a 20-mile coast back to the starting point. Most of these pictures were taken in late fall.
In places, the canyon doesn't seem so deep.
Beauty is where you find it.
The creek carries more water than a lot of other Black Hills waterways.
Warm sun, smooth road.
Even this fast water is home to trout. In places where the creek slows, the water is often clear as glass, and the fish can be seen hanging suspended.
Late fall in the afternoon. At the risk of trivializing the quiet beauty of this scene, I think this picture would make a good jigsaw puzzle.