Power-Up Self-Test

Test Status    Color Shown    Description Of Error

  Passed       Light Gray     Initial hardware configuration tests passed.
                              Initial software tests passed. Final
                              initialization test passed.

  Failed       Red            ROM Error: Make sure ROMs are seated properly.
               Green          Chip RAM Error: Make sure Agnus is seated, and
                              check Chip RAM SIMMs for proper seating.
               Blue           This is not an "official" error color. It may
                              have existed in very old (pre-1.0) versions of
                              the system software, but doesn't any longer.
                              Blue screens may be produced by a system
                              failure, but are not really error codes.
               Yellow         Processor detected error before software
                              trapped it.
               Purple         Not an "official" color, but may be caused by
                              bad ROMs.