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Purpose: this page is here to provide some of the documents I've written, pictures I've taken, and various other things. All documents, pictures, and graphics are copyright © 1997, 1998 by Warren Block.


All About Bikes: an introduction to bicycles. How to buy, ride safely, perform simple maintenance, and use bikes for fun, fitness, and practical transportation. Updated 06/04/98.

BikeE Tips: techniques and tips for this fun-to-ride bicycle. Updated 04/01/98.

Bykaboose Tips: some adjustments and improvements for this inexpensive bicycle cargo trailer. Updated 11/02/98.


SCSI Examples: how to set up SCSI bus peripherals and connections. Written for the Amiga, but applicable to other systems with SCSI components, too. Updated 03/02/99.

Irritating Frequently Asked Questions from comp.sys.amiga.hardware. Annoying? You betcha. Now with twice the irritation factor, thanks to Magic Beans! Updated 11/01/98.

A4000 Hardware Guide: a hardware guide to the Amiga 4000 computer. Updated 06/04/98.

A1200 Hardware FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the Amiga 1200 computer. Updated 12/16/97.

Elk Creek Canyon
Sturgis Balloons Photo Gallery

A virtual tour of some of the best areas of South Dakota. Updated 11/02/98.

Links Of Interest


Calhoun Cycle.com - A recumbent-only bike shop in Minneapolis. Luke has ESGE (SKS) fenders in all sizes and lots of bike clothes that work well for recumbents. Nice people, too.

BikeE Recumbents - Fun!

IHPVA web site - Human powered vehicles.

BikeRoute - Good source for all kinds of bike information.


Wallingford Bike Parts - Brooks leather saddles!

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Bike FAQ

Amiga Computers


National Amiga 

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